Welcome to the Tragic Jester

The website was originally intended to be a hybrid of satire and hard science, but the creation of content under this premise was far too slow. The framework of the site has been redesigned to collapse down to the scale of the existing material. This will be much more "serious" in the normative sense, though some of the works of fiction will be preserved. These were written to be deliberately offensive in order to provide a back-cut on the hypocrisy of the reader. Such "militant irony" is no longer part of the design philosophy for various reasons of practicality.

The epistemological design of the site is split along a speculation-to-doctrine orientation: the "blog" is the most speculative with narratives and sweeping generalizations, the "projects" are contingent constructions under development, and "works" are the most cautious in the sense of being dogmatic or finalized. When the site had a satirical axis it amounted to predicting things before they happened, which only illustrated the tragedy that satire is dead. In a world of relentless absurdity it is often more subversive to be a partisan of sobriety.