String Theory

These pages are notes following Barton Zwiebach's book "A First Course in String Theory", 2nd Edition (2009). This is at the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate level. It is focused mostly on bosonic string theory and light-cone quantization, mostly not heterotic or string field theory or Lorentz covariant quantization. The pages may extend into more advanced subjects later.

Part I: Basics

I. Basics

What is string theory?

Heuristic Overview

II. Special Relativity and Extra Dimensions

Light-cone Coordinates

Problem Set Solutions: Chapter Two, Zwiebach

III. Electromagnetism and Gravitation in Various Dimensions

IV. Nonrelativistic Strings

V. Relativistic Point Particles

VI. Relativistic Strings

VII. String Parameterization and Classical Motion

VIII. World-Sheet Currents

IX. Light-cone Relativistic Strings

X. Light-cone Fields and Particles

XI. Relativistic Quantum Point Particle

XII. Relativistic Quantum Open Strings

XIII. Relativistic Quantum Closed Strings

XIV. Relativistic Superstrings

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