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Sophistication and Rigor Levels

Sophistication and Rigor Levels

S and R levels are a threshold structure I invented to rank the relative difficulties of academic courses relative to similar curriculum. Sophistication levels S refer to the vertical scale of the content itself, which is reasonably well-defined for subjects requiring pre-requisite knowledge and skills. This loosely corresponds to two-year intervals within the universities.

Rigor levels R refer to the fact that the very same subject can be treated with different degrees of relative difficulty. Implicitly this means higher levels of R reflect superior proven mastery of the material. This is ranking how hard the evaluations are for the course level.

Sophistication Levels: (Content Difficulty)

S = 5: Specialist

S = 4: Graduate

S = 3: Upper Undergraduate

S = 2: Lower Undergraduate

S = 1: General / Popular

Rigor Levels: (Test Difficulty, Relative To Content)

R = 5: Extremely Difficult

R = 4: Very, Very Hard

R = 3: "Ivy League Hard"

R = 2: Moderately Difficult

R = 1: "Easy Class"

Roughly: (1) "too easy", (2) "respectable", (3) "solid", (4) "hard", and (5) "way too hard".